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Cutting board maintenance oil

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Rabot worktop oil d. Wood, perfect for keeping your cutting board looking like new!

If you own or purchase a wooden cutting board, it is important to maintain it so that it remains beautiful and safe! In fact, did you know that a well-oiled board is easier to wash and that fewer bacteria proliferate there? For these reasons, even if the board you purchased arrives at your home pre-oiled, it must be maintained. To make your job easier, get RDB WoodWorking worktop oil! This is definitely a wise addition to your order.

Maintenance Oil Details

Size: 2 oz.

Use: Consult the cutting board care guide.

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Who says maintenance oil also says cutting board! Take a look at our series of wooden cutting boards “ the D-Zartaille ”, the “ D-Zartaille XL ” and the “ D-Zataille juice groove”!

Interview guide :

To extend the life of your brand new cutting board, please follow these maintenance tips:

  • Your board is pre-oiled. However, we suggest that you still apply a new coat of Rabot D. Bois maintenance oil before starting to use it. You can also use mineral oil, sold in pharmacies as a laxative... be careful not to drink too much! ;)
  • Do not use edible oils, such as vegetable, olive, peanut, or other oils used in food preparation, as they will go rancid (rot).
  • NEVER put the board in the dishwasher.
  • NEVER leave the board soaking in water.
  • Wash the board with regular dish soap.
  • Dry immediately after washing.
  • Apply a new coat of maintenance oil every month, or depending on how the board is used, according to the instructions on the oil bottle.
  • If the wood turns pale, it's time to apply a coat. If liquids are easily absorbed by the wood, it's time to put a coat on too.
  • The more oil you add over time, the longer you can extend the application time because the wood will be more and more saturated with oil.

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