Written by Jean-Claude Leclerc of Muffin & Café

Originally from Lac-à-la-Tortue, very close to Shawinigan, in the Mauricie region, Mathieu Jean is the sole owner of RDB WoodWorking. Until recently, he was co-owned with his business partner, Normand Dumont, who left the company for new challenges. The two men had acquired RDB WoodWorking in 2017, a company which was already in operation in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and which was founded by another equally brilliant artisan cabinetmaker, David-Yann Auclair. His business, at the time, had started under the name of the Atelier du vieux rabot.

At 34 years old, the first portion of Mathieu's life took place in a world completely different from what he experiences today. Mathieu grew up outdoors as an adventure tourism guide. Canoeing, kayaking, climbing were his whole life. A serious shoulder injury during an expedition permanently changed the course of his career. Just like a decisive meeting with the person who has shared his life for around fifteen years, Alexa Bérubé Deschênes.


I grew up in a family of patent owners,” he emphasizes. My great-grandfather and my grandfather dabbled in everything, including welding for my grandfather who left me, before he died, his carpenter's chest which has been with me ever since. As for my partner, I met her in Trois-Rivières and when she decided to continue her studies in Rimouski, I followed her and we have been based there ever since .”

Mathieu Jean Artisan québécois - Rabot D.Bois

Mathieu arrived in Rimouski without a real fixed job and questioning himself. “I had two choices,” he says, “marketing or carpentry. I finally opted for a carpentry course given at the Rimouski Vocational Training Center, lasting 2 years. From the first year, my idea was made up and I knew that one day, I would have my own carpentry shop.” He subsequently opened his artisanal carpentry workshop in Saint-Anaclet. It was probably carpentry that really brought him into the world. During his studies in cabinetmaking, Mathieu Jean saw his talent rewarded as he won the Quebec Olympic gold medal in professional and technical training in 2014.

What happens next, he attributes to chance, this chance that has always been on his path. “When I learned that David-Yann wanted to sell his business in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and after discussing it with my ex-partner, we began discussions to finally acquire Rabot D. Bois in 2017. We finally moved to where we are located today, at 714, du Rivage Boulevard in Rimouski” At that time, the areas of expertise of each, Normand and Mathieu, were intended to be a win/win for the future. things.

But back to the company itself. Although it has been established in Rimouski for several years, on a busy boulevard where thousands of cars pass daily, RDB WoodWorking still represents a mystery for a large part of the population. However, at the online commerce level, even during the pandemic, sales have exploded and the company is recording impressive growth. “20 to 25% per year,” he adds proudly.

By the way, you may have one of Rabot D Bois's products at home, in the office, in your kitchen, in the car, within reach in everyday life. RDB WoodWorking is first and foremost a cabinetmaker that designs and manufactures products useful in daily life and sold throughout Canada. We find promotional products and corporate gifts made of wood, personalized with high-definition engraving and laser cut. Everything is done in the factory, right here in Rimouski. If the pandemic leaves many companies and businesses fearing the worst, it is the opposite effect at RDB WoodWorking, thanks to online commerce.

“During our first year,” says Mathieu, “we were happy when we had around fifty orders online. Today, we are talking about hundreds of orders delivered to all regions of Canada and even elsewhere in Canada and other countries. Our signature is gaining more and more customers,” he adds.

Ton logo ta promo , objets corporatifs
Rack à Bieres, bouteilles, rabot D.Bois

But the primary vocation of RDB WoodWorking has not really changed since its foundation and it remains an artisanal cabinetmaking version 2.0 which adds a traditional flavor: wood. Everyday products manufactured with state-of-the-art infrastructure that add to the conventional arsenal of artisan cabinetmakers, which makes it possible to produce and offer a range of personalized products, with great precision.

And let's talk about these products. “By the way, we make everything from wood. Even custom furniture. Among the items most in demand are the popular bottle crate, the d-Boire, the very useful cutting board, the coasters, the BBQ scraper, the multifunctional kitchen tool, the “Le d-” bottle opener. Cap", the recipe book holder, the jewelry tree for the lady, the cheese board, the "d-Miettes" bread board, the serving board for tea or coffee, the soap dish, the key hook and many other items for the home, for the lady, for the gentleman, for the children. All of these products can be personalized by our engraving service. We make everything.”